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别错过kb体育注册(2023趋势新闻) allows you to setup product prices based on user roles. It also allows the ability to modify shipping charges based on user roles.

Version 1.6.0
Last Updated November 01 2022
Billed yearly until cancelled

Setup Product Prices based on User Roles

This plugin lets you modify product prices based on user roles. Price modifications can be done at the global level as well as product level. The plugin also provides the ability to modify shipping charges based on user roles.

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Great idea, and simply put awesome!

Key features:

Role based Pricing

Allows admin to setup product prices based on WooCommerce roles as well as custom roles introduced by third party plugins.

Setup Prices Globally

Setup Price change multipliers for user roles globally so it is applicable across the Shop.

Per Product Pricing

Setup Prices for each user role at the Product level.

Disable Prices for bots

Stop the plugin price changes from being applied to Search engine bots.

6 Decimal Precision

Setup price multipliers to values as precise as 1.000001.

Discounts and Price Increments

Setup price multipliers with positive and negative values.

Make Prices Empty

Stop Prices from being displayed for each user role as desired.

Multipliers for Shipping

Apply price multipliers to Shipping charges as well based on the user role.

This plugin allows you to do the following:


Apply pricing multipliers on Shipping Charges.


Hide Product prices based on the user role.

What people say for the plugin:


Nibaldo Barrera

Very Good Plugin

The plugin does the job, it works.But it can improve. The plugin presents all the roles to put a price and these are many, which makes its administration panel difficult. There are several roles that are not commercial but are administrators or technicians. I suggest being able to mark the roles that will be used commercially first, to only present these in the administration panel.



Awesome plugin.

Great idea, and simply put awesome!


Christmas Tree

Good Plugin

Very responsive to new and improved features. Highly recommended


Klemen Teran

Good Plugin

Shop manager is not able to set the product price per role, only admin can do that.



Great Plugin

Great plugin…



Excellent Plugin

Not only did we purchase Price by User Role, but we also purchased some custom code. Both worked great, very easy to implement, support and response time well above average. You can trust this team to do their best to provide you the best. James


Juan De Santiago

Excellent Plugin

Great plugin! works great for our dealer program.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I setup per product settings for multiple products?

Yes, the PRO version of the plugin allows you to setup per product settings for unlimited products.

Does it work with Variable Products?

Yes, the plugin works with variable products.

Can I hide prices for certain user roles?

Yes, it is possible to hide prices for certain user roles as desired.

Can I apply the price multiplier to Shipping Charges?

Yes, the price multiplier can be applied to Shipping Charges by selecting WooCommerce->Settings->Price by User Role->Multipliers->Shipping.

Does your plugin comply to the GDPR guidelines?

We have made every effort to make our plugin compliant to the GDPR guidelines. As a part of compliance we do not capture any data of end users and customers without consent.

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Our 别错过kb体育注册(2023趋势新闻) plugin will allow you to modify product prices and charge shipping as per user roles.Offer discounts to bulk purchasers, while retaining the regular product prices for retailers. Setup the price changes at the product level as well.

Just what you were looking for?

The plugin allows you to apply discounts or bump up prices based on user roles. Custom prices can be charged at the product level based on the user role.

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